Sciatica Explained By Jacksonville Chiropractor

Jacksonville Chiropractor explains “What is Sciatica?”
Sciatica is a term used to describe a pinched sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of the body and travels from the lower back, down the back of the thigh with its branches going all the way to the foot. The nerve starts as a collection of smaller nerves that exit the lumbar and sacral regions of the spine that form a larger nerve in the buttocks before traveling down the back of the thigh then splitting at the knee.
Sciatica is a painful condition usually felt as buttock pain that travels down the back of the thigh and into the calf.
The sciatic nerve can be pinched either at the spine or somewhere along its course. As a chiropractor I identify where the nerve is being pinched and use manual adjustive and soft-tissue techniques to release the nerve.

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