Meet Alexandra at Surfside Chiropractic

We are very fortunate to have Alexandra here at Surfside Chiropractic. She is the first face that you see when you come to the office and she has the ability to put people at ease.

Curing Joint Pain: Naturally

Joint pain impacts millions of people as well as the problem is growing daily. There are natural cures offered to help joint pain relief.

Want to Burn More Fat and Feel Great? Head to the Beach

I have actually noticed throughout my travels that I constantly really feel excellent when I obtain near sea water and also out in sunshine. I determined to dig in and also identify where the sensation of bliss originated from.

Alkaline Water: Benefit or Myth?

Alkaline water is all the rage but does it have actually confirmed advantages. This write-up dives right into the benefits of adversely ionized alkaline water.

The Truth Behind Negative Ions and How They Work Inside the Body

There have mored than 50 years of research on negative ions, with over 5,000 released medical research studies. This post describes just how they function.

3 Tips on Eating Healthy While You Are Traveling

Eating healthy and balanced as well as taking a trip do not normally go well with each other. This article will certainly give you some tips on how you can remain on your diet regimen while out of town.

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