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Fee Schedule & Payment Plans

Fee Schedule


Limited exam $70
Comprehensive exam $110
Re-exam $70


Limited cervical series $80
Cervical series (3 views) $105
Comprehensive neck series $200
Thoracic spine series $90
Lumbar spine series $90
Full Spine series $175
Single x-ray $35

Treatments (Partial List)

Chiropractic adjustment(s) $38 to $44
Spinalator (traction) $17
Hot/Cold pack $10
Ultrasound $24
Electric muscle stimulation $24

Neuromuscular Therapy (Massage)

Fifteen Minute $20
One half hour $38
One hour $70

Supplies and Aids

Lumbar belt $35
Cervical collar $20
Large ice pack $14
Lumbar seat cushion $23
Cervical pillow $28
Disability certificate $ 5

Payment Plans

We have four cash plans, three of which save you money:

  1. Pay one fee at the beginning of your care. The amount is based on the doctor's estimate of care needed minus a 15% DISCOUNT. This covers all visits prescribed in care plan. (Does NOT cover care for injuries or accidents sustained after program begins.) Any unused amounts can be refunded minus standard charges for services rendered. THIS IS THE MOST COST-EFFECTIVE PLAN.

  2. Pay $370 in advance for 12 visits ($30.83 an adjustment). You must have a zero balance to use this plan. These adjustments can be used anytime. This covers not only adjustments, but also hot packs, cold packs, or the use of the spinalator, as necessary. This plan does NOT cover the cost of ultrasound or electric muscle stimulation.

  3. If you have a zero ($0.00) balance and if you pay $38 for your adjustment before leaving, you will not be charged for hot or cold treatment, spinalator or other added charges.  Since these additional therapies are extra, you save money. This plan rewards patients for prompt payment. This does not cover the cost of ultrasound, electric stimulation, extended traction or massage therapy.

  4. For those who can't afford to prepay or pay as they go, a payment plan may be set up on the first visit.

We will file insurance under these plans as a courtesy to you.

Personal Injury or Auto Accident
If you have Med Pay on your Auto Insurance or coverage by a Group Insurance we will verify the benefits for you and file accordingly. Any co-payments or charges not covered will be your responsibility. If you have no insurance but have retained an attorney, a lien must be signed by you & your attorney and returned to this office. This lien assures that your attorney will direct payment of your account in full at the time of settlement to Coastal Chiropractic Clinic. A partial payment plan will also be set up. If you have no insurance coverage or attorney, you will be expected to pay for your treatment at the time of service or we will gladly assist you with one of our payment plans.

We accept almost all insurance. However, not all insurance provides for chiropractic care in the same amounts. We will assist you in verifying your chiropractic coverage. You will be expected to pay your deductible first and co-payment at each visit or we will assist you with one of our payment plans.

On-the-Job Injuries (Worker's Compensation)
A signed Employer's Authorization is required. We will verify coverage by insurance. When verified, the insurance normally pays 100%. If not signed by employer, payment will be expected by you. The obligation for your bill is still yours but we will help you if needed.

We are a Participating Provider with Medicare. You are responsible for your co-payment, deductible, plus any charges that are not covered or disallowed by Medicare. Medicare covers ONLY the SPINAL ADJUSTMENTS and only allows a maximum number per year (20-24).

Wellness Plan
After finishing corrective care, you are eligible for our special Maintenance Plan.

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